celebrity doodle meanings

What do our celebrity doodles say about them? We asked graphologist Peter West to cast his eye over some of our doodles. Here’s what he had to say:

bill nighy

“Might be a bit uncertain in himself, but does not like to show it. Prefers to be with others. Although he may appear to be rather sceptical, he is fair and honest in his dealings.”

olivia colman

“More intelligent than others realise and tends to keep herself very much to herself. She may have been shy when she was young. Practical and dextrous.”

caspar lee

“Tendency to worry. Can be organised and tidy when he chooses. Creative and innovative, though not exactly a follower of fashion.”

frank skinner

“Understanding and determined. He must achieve what he sets out to do and nothing will get in the way. Keeps his feelings very close.”

lorraine kelly

“Determined, persistent and full of ideas. Might feel she could be missing out in one or two features of her life.”

joe sugg

“Strongly ambitious and versatile. He may push his luck a little too often but always takes the feelings of others on board.”

sir alan ayckbourn

“An extrovert who likes to be in the middle of things. Lives life to the full and can become very easily bored if there is nothing to do.”

shirley hughes

“Strongly artistic and emotional. More comfortable when at home than anywhere else and has an interesting sense of humour.”

toby jones

“A tad sensitive and may find himself easily hurt. Knows his own mind and, once he has decided how he will act, sticks with it. He can be very open and truthful.”

caroline quentin

“May well worry over things other people would ignore. Sensitive, entertaining and has a rebel streak.”

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