how your money helps

By supporting National Doodle Day, you can make it possible for more people to get the support they need to push for better healthcare. You’ll be helping more people to take control of epilepsy in their life. People like Jo, who called the Epilepsy Action helpline when her son Charlie was having problems with the side-effects of his epilepsy medicine:

“It’s so hard to look at your child and see a stranger. But that one call to the helpline gave me the knowledge and confidence to get my Charlie back. Your support can ensure the helpline is there for the next call like mine, Thank you”

what does epilepsy action do?

Epilepsy affects around one in every 100 people in the UK alone and 87 people are diagnosed with the condition every day. Epilepsy Action improves the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy. Each year, Epilepsy Action directly helps over 2 million people through a range of services, including the Epilepsy Action Helpline, our branch network and online support services. Your support will ensure that nobody will have to face living with epilepsy alone.

what your donations can buy

  • £20 can answer a call to the Epilepsy Action Helpline and start someone on the road to seizure control
  • £45 could help fund a new local support group and reduce isolation
  • £75 could help raise vital awareness of the challenges that life with epilepsy can bring

If you would like to talk to someone about epilepsy, Epilepsy Action helpline advisers offer confidential advice. Call 0808 800 5050 or text, tweet or Facebook.